Ohlins Fork / Shock Stickers (set of two)

Transparent with blue letters ,blue with transparent letters or black letters on transparent. theymeasure around 2cm x 5cm to replace stickers on Ohlins Forks & dampers.

High quality vinyl for long life

£3.48 (Free shipping)

Ohlins Rear Shock Sticker (X1)

Measure around 2.5cm x 7cm to replace sticker on Ohlins Rear Shocks

High quality vinyl for long life

Available as pictures in either Blue background with transparent letters

Blue text on transparent background (early models)

Transparent text on Black background

£2.98 (Free shipping)

Ohlins Blue / Yellow stickers (set of two)

Measure around 13cm long x 5cm high and available as blue writing on yellow or yellow writing on blue background.

High quality Vinyl for long life

£3.98 (Free shipping)

Vintage Ohlins Fork Decals (set of two)

Blue with transparent letters / detail. theymeasure around 6cm wide by 5cm tall

High quality vinyl for long life

£4.98 (Free shipping)