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ducati stainless clutch springs

T1 Stainless Steel Ducati Clutch Compression spring set for dry Clutch system(MAINLY <2005)

Fit in minutes to replace the old rusty springs!

Essential for your open clutch

precision computer engineered Stainless steel springs



£14.98 per set inc WORLD P&P

T2 Stainless Steel STRONG Clutch Compression spring set for later Ducati dry clutches (MAINLY >2005)

ducati clutch spring set


£14.98 per set inc WORLD P&P

Clutch Plate Bearing (Original SKF)

Replacment Original SKF Explorer bearing

for OE and CTMOTO dry clutch pressure plates

ducati dry clutch bearing

£8.98 inc WORLD P&P

High Quality Stainless steel DUAL SWIVEL Tension / Exhaust spring

Correct size for 748-916-996-998-749-999 Exhaust Sytems

ducati exhaust spring

(Single Spring) £5.98 each (inc UK P&P)


6 X Dual Swivel Stainless Tension Springs

£26.50 inc WORLD P&P


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