Bolt, Screw & Nut sizes

The following information is intended for guidence for selecting parts for your order in relation to stated sizes

Please CONTACT US if you need more information before placing an order

Screws & Bolts are generaly measured in the format:

Example: Button screw M6x16mm = 6mm diameter thread, 16mm shank (under head to tip)

CSK screw M8x20 = 8mm diameter thread, 20mm height top to bottom

*note that CSK (countersunk) screws are measured top to bottom as appose to under head to tip

Stocked Rubber Well Nut sizes for bodywork & screens:

M4 WELL: E=7.8mm (for 8mm hole size)F=12mm G=1.25mm H=4mm thread

M5 WELL: E=9.5mm (for 10mm hole size)F=13mm G=1.25mm H=5mm thread

M6 WELL: E=12.5mm (for 13mm hole size)F=15mm G=1.5mm H=6mm thread