Ducati 848 1098 1198 Billet Parts

1098 & 1198 Work Shop Wheel Nut Tool

A High Strength Machined Alloy Professional quality Socket Tool for quick removing / tightening your rear & front wheels

The Tool is DUAL nut tool to fit both the Front & Rear Wheel nuts in one Tool

Due to its precision engineering incorporating a 23mm Boss that recesses into the wheel spindle, it will not skew and burgh the teeth on your wheel nuts like poor fitting sockets can

(Half Inch Drive)

These tools are made using EN58AM CNC Machined alloy (Stainless)

In tests this material proved over 400% stronger than other similar alloy tools which are prone to failure


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1098/1198 specific Clutch spring Collars X6 (all 1098 / 1198 models + Desmosedici)

Set of six collars to replace the standard items on 1098, 1198 models

£17.98 per set inc P&P


1098/1198/Streetfighter Clutch Set

Includes 1098/1198 specific Collars + stainless springs + stainless screws + installation key

£32.98 per set inc P&P


Stainless Spring set (1098-1198 only)

£14.98 per set inc P&P

Race Oil filler cap for 848

As 1098 oil cap but specially sized for the 848 models

£12.98 inc P&P


Fork Pre-load adjusters

(Showa or Ohlins)

Allow instant pre-load adjustments to be made on your forks

Complete with stainless steel fasteners and allen key

£22.98 per pair inc P&P

Showa 22mm


Ohlins 17mm



All prices are inclusive of P&P & VAT unless stated

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